About Us

artwork and critters since childhood

For as long as I can remember, drawing things has always been a part of my life. As were little crawly creatures. I spent days catching lizards, scorpions and bugs in the deserts of California and evenings doodling the animals that surrounded me. Now, being a grown-kid I keep several little reptiles.
Happy Gecko Stickers was an infusion of these two hobbies, bringing you species-specific artwork on prints, stickers, magnets, and apparel. A large assortment of original artwork can be found in our store, but keep an eye out for more.

help from my loved ones

Without the help of my loved ones, Happy Gecko Stickers is not possible. That's friends, acquaintances, and my close family. Special thanks to Jonathan, my closest friend in the world (my picked family) for making things possible for me. To Nicole, for joining me at trade shows, designing my set up, and giving me opportunities to create a beautiful online store. To my mom who helps keep me on track with shipping and customer services.

You have all made this crazy idea blossom for me.

Thank you.